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PROJECTPRO | Construction Documentation Service

Experience to Build With

ProjectPro Construction Documentation is a specialized service for developers and property owners that utilizes the support of our Build-Rite Design and ProjectPro Procurement teams as well as the expertise of ProjectPro Owner Representatives, all of whom average 25 years of job site experience.


Construction Documentation Service

Below is a breakdown that summarizes the components of our Project Design and Construction Documentation Service:


  • Assist the Builder/Developer/Owner in the architectural design review of site layout, unit design, interior & exterior elevations, and building configuration
  • Coordinate all aspects of the project design process to generate the following construction documents: Civil, Landscape & Irrigation, Architectural & Project Specifications, Structure, and all Mechanical MEP Drawings
  • Coordinate recommendations and assist the Owner in selection of all project finishes and product specifications
  • Facilitate the coordination and integration of all design professionals to ensure the project details and design standards are consistent throughout all construction documents
  • Coordinate and assist the Owner, General Contractor, and all Design Professionals in a comprehensive plan review that results in maximizing all value engineering opportunities
  • Conduct and coordinate the final document review to ensure the project meets all building code and ADA requirements
  • Manage and monitor the design development schedule to ensure the final set of construction documents are completed on-time
  • Assist the Architect with construction document submission, review, and approval with the project’s local building department

About ProjectPro

ProjectPro is a supply chain and procurement consulting company for builders, developers and contractors that specializes in residential and light commercial construction. We lower costs for our clients using an innovative approach to eliminating waste and unnecessary mark-ups by purchasing materials directly from manufacturers and identifying cost saving opportunities.

We offer a range of services and products, including customized training sessions that are developed specifically for your pre-construction team. all sessions are interactive, hands-on, and designed to teach participants how to implement proven methods that effectively reduce costs without squeezing sub-contractor margins. We customize the training curriculum based on the project(s) your team is currently bidding or buying out and cover the following:

  • How to establish your internal budget based on quantifiable measurements for labor and material
  • How to establish target budgets for all phases to result in a lower overall project cost
  • How intentionally overlapping selective portions for scope of works results in lower costs
  • Why material and labor should always be bid separately