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CDK Enterprises is an innovative preconstruction consulting firm founded in 2001 by Dave Krawczyk. We consist of two vertically integrated business units that are rooted strongly in technology, expertise and knowledge. Our team is comprised of experienced industry veterans who are intimately familiar with all aspects of the construction industry.

We have a reputation of challenging the status quo and we want to help you break away from stagnant industry practices to accelerate your business.

We have worked with many of the top home builders and multifamily developers in the country and have been involved in the construction of more than 100,000 homes and multifamily units throughout the US.


Build-Rite is the technology and design analysis arm of CDK, specializing in BIM, 3D modeling, architectural renderings, material takeoffs, and framing schematics. Our design team members are technical wizards who deliver precision through the critical eye of industry expertise.


ProjectPro specializes in reducing construction costs for developers through an innovative approach to procurement that consistently delivers 10-15% in hard cost savings. We also back these results with a “No Risk Guarantee” to save $10 in hard costs for every $1 invested in our procurement services.

meet  Dave 


Dave Krawczyk, President & Founder, is a veteran with 41 years of experience in the residential construction, building material distribution and building component industries. He has been directly involved in the construction of more than 100,000 single family homes and apartments. Dave has held management positions in operations, distribution, manufacturing, purchasing, systems development, finance and administration. Throughout his career, Dave has created 8 uniquely positioned and innovative start-up businesses.

Dave is also a former Advisory Board Member of the President’s Council for Home Improvement Executives, a former Advisory Board Member of the Harvard Joint Study for Housing, a former Special Features writer for Pro Dealer Magazine, and has been a guest speaker at a variety of industry functions including National Home Center News, Pro Dealer, Pro Sales, Presidents Council, Canadian Hardware Association & NAHB.

Read more about Dave Krawczyk in Pro Dealer MagazineNational Home Center News, and download a comprehensive summary of his work experience here.

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