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BUILD-RITE | Material Management

Build-Rite specializes in integrated construction design and precise material take-off services that leverage the technology of a sophisticated 3D modeling software to create comprehensive structural analysis that are efficient, cost effective, structurally sound, and code compliant. At Build-Rite, we believe that the success of a project is determined from the very beginning – at the design stage.

Experience the ultimate in construction collaboration and pre-con review. Build-Rite is more than just a design process – our team virtually frames the structure. We identify, sort through and resolve all design inconsistencies and construction conflicts prior to the start of construction, therefore eliminating RFIs and costly change orders during the construction process.

Build-Rite Material Management Service

Precise Material Lists & Material Management Service

The Build-Rite Virtual Framing Process takes the guesswork out of material estimating for lumber, sheathing and hardware. Precise material lists are generated directly from a 3D model and include a client summary that clearly identifies all material inclusions, exclusions, clarifications, and recommendations.

All lists are organized by phase and include product description, product quantity, product application, and product location within the phase. This format provides the framing contractor with a precise bill of material that is extremely useful for tracking & monitoring all materials throughout each framing phase.

Build-Rite Interactive 3D Model – Front View

Interactive 3D Model

Build-Rite’s sophisticated modeling software transforms conventional 2D blueprints and construction documents into an interactive 3D model.

  • Conduct virtual rough frame inspections
  • Verify dimensions and size rough openings
  • Confirm plumbing & mechanical fixture placement and chases
  • Identify design conflicts between architectural, mechanical and structural design elements

Precise Material Lists

Precise material lists are generated directly from the interactive 3D model. Costs are linked to all material and summarized by phase along with project total.

  • Remove all guesswork from material estimating
  • Simplify the material management process
  • Eliminate costly change orders
  • Lists are organized by phase and by product to reflect quantity, application, and location

View the complete lumber material list

Reduce Costs

Average lumber savings for multifamily project = $248,416

  • 3D Virtual Framing Process
  • Value Engineering Assessment
  • Precise Material Lists
  • Eliminate Change Orders

Improve Quality

Convert your blueprints to 3D Models

  • Confirm all Dimensions & MEP Placement
  • Identify & Eliminate Conflicts
  • Customized Framing Schematics
  • On-Site Instruction & Audits

Save Time

Reduce project cycle times

  • Resolve RFI Issues Prior to Construction
  • Eliminate Conflicts between Tradesmen
  • Improve Material Flow & Job Site Logistics
  • Pre-Con Review


Since 2001, Build-Rite has been the trusted choice of industry professionals throughout the U.S. Over the last 14 years, Build-Rite has designed and value engineered more than 100,000 units for some of the most respected builders and developers in the United States. We have a strong reputation and proven track record with average project costs savings ranging from 8% to 16% in 2014.

And the best part? It’s risk free. We guarantee to reduce your project costs without sacrificing quality.